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Veterinarian Sutures

Veterinarian Sutures

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PDO Synthetic Gut Monofilament Polydioxanone

Compare to PDSII®, a registered trademark of Ethicon®. Maintains tensile strength 55-65 days. Absorbs in 180-200 days HZ333,HZ451,HZ332,HZ452,HZ397,HZ870,HZ340

PGA Synthetic Gut Braided Polyglycolic Acid

Compare to Vicryl®, a registered trademark of Ethicon®. Maintains tensile strength 25-35 days. Absorbs in 55-70 days. HJ869,HJ586,S492B,S422B,HJ340,HJ341,HJ339,HJ333,HJ453,HJ332,HJ452,HJ398,HJ467

Nylon Black Monofilament

Compare to Ethilon®, a registered trademark of Ethicon®. Strong, pliable monoflament nonabsorbable suture for minimum trauma. H662,H661,H1698,H664,H664L,H663L,H663,SBN62B,SBN65C,SBN66D,SBN68E,S918B,SBN62C,SBN62D,S911B

Polypropelene Blue Mono Non-absorable

Strong, pliable monoflament non-absorbable suture for minimum trauma. S8661B,S8683B