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Tuohy Epidural Needles

Tuohy epidural needles feature curved blunt cutting tips for safer epidural procedures, firm cannulas for smooth insertions, and a differential bevel that prevents tissue coring. Also features 10mm calibrations, winged luer lock hub with stylet, and a buffed heel for added safety. Each needle is sterile and disposable. 2-2150-18,2-2150-22,3-2150-17,3-2150-18,3-2150-20,3-2150-22,40-2150-17,4-2150-18,4-2150-20,4-2150-17,45-2150-18,45-2150-20,4-2150-22,5-2150-17,5-2150-18,5-2150-20,5-2150-22,6-2150-17,6-2150-18,6-2150-20,6-2150-22,7-2150-17,7-2150-18,7-2150-20,7-2150-22,8-2150-17,8-2150-18,8-2150-22

EchoTuohy Echogenic Epidural Needles with MLE™

The EchoTuohy Echogenic Tuohy Epidural Needles for ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks, epidural catheter placement, and epidural steroid injections feature Micro Laser Etching (MLE™) near the tip to reflect sound waves back to the transducer, making the tip visible under ultrasound. This MLE™ technology allows for a variety of sizes, and since the inner diameter is not affected by the echogenic treatment, you are also free to pass catheters or wires through the cannula. The MLE™ feature also completely encircles the tip of the needle so all sides appear bright under ultrasound. E3-2150-17,E3-2150-18,E3-2150-20,E5-2150-17,E5-2150-18,E6-2150-17,E6-2150-18