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Chiba Point

Chiba Point

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EchoBlock® Echogenic Non-Insulated Ultrasound Needles with 4x4 CCR®

The EchoBlock® Echogenic Non-Insulated Needle for ultrasound guided regional anesthesia features patented corner cube reflectors (CCR®) providing multiple angled surfaces near the tip for maximum reflection even at steep injection angles. See the dots, see the nerve, then watch the anesthetic encircle the nerve under ultrasound. Improve success rates with real-time monitoring of anesthesia, and save time in the OR! EB-21100,EB-21150,EB-2180

EchoBlock® PTC30 Echogenic Non-Insulated Needles with MLE™

The Echogenic EchoBlock® PTC30 Non-Insulated Block Bevel needle for ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks features Micro Laser Etching (MLE™) near the tip to reflect sound waves back to the transducer, making the tip visible under ultrasound. This MLE™ technology allows for a much larger variety of sizes, it also does not indent the cannula so it has a stylet since the inner diameter is not affected. It also completely encircles the tip of the needle so all sides appear bright under ultrasound. P1APTC3022,P1BPTC3022,2PTC3022,3PTC3022,35PTC3022,4PTC3018,4PTC3020,4PTC3022,5PTC3022,6PTC3018,6PTC3020,6PTC3022,8PTC3020,8PTC3022,10PTC3022

AccuTarg® Nerve Block Needles

The AccuTarg® Nerve Block Needles with calibrations & needle stops feature a 30 degree short bevel, an adjustable needle stop, and a translucent hub. Back bevel tips create smoother insertions for greater control. AccuTarg® Nerve Block Needles also feature two additional bevels on the backside of the tip to reduce lateral deviation, which provides true tracking to the target. Differential bevels between the needles and the stylets prevent tissue coring. P1A-1149-22,P1A-1149-25,P1B-1149-25,P1C-1149-22,SB80-22,3-1149-22P,SB120-22,SB152-22,SB152-25

AccuTarg® Curved Tip Short Bevel Spinal Needles

The AccuTarg® Curved Tip Short Bevel Spinal Needle features a Curved Needle Tip for Pain Management. The consistent curved tip for each procedure will save time and prevent accidental needle sticks and breakage, because you won't need to bend your own needles. The blue bevel indicator verifies bevel position. Hakko® AccuTarg® Needles create smoother insertions and greater control. Two additional bevels on the backside of the tip reduce lateral deviation. Differential bevels between the needle and stylet prevent tissue coring. SBB63-25,SBB89-22,SBB89-25,SBB127-22,SBB152-22,SBB178-22