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Suture Needles

Suture Needles

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Style 228 - Lanes 1/2 Circle Cutting

Lanes 1/2 Circle Cutting Suture Needles - Style 228 228-3/8,228-3/4,228-7/8,228-1

Style 240 - Mayo Catgut 1/2 Circle

Quality stainless steel half circle Mayo Catgut suture needles, conform to US Federal specification GGN211b and the German Quality Standard DIN-13170 to ensure outstanding performance and safety. Engineered for strength with flexibility to eliminate brittleness. All needles are electro-polished to reduce micro-asperities and tissue drag. All points are honed to the highest standards of sharpness. Your order includes one dozen, regular eye, non-sterile needles. 240-6,240-5,240-4,240-3,240-2,240-1

Style 242 - Mayo Catgut 1/2 Circle

Mayo Catgut Half Circle Trocar Point Suture Needles 242-5,242-4,242-3,242-2,242-1

Style 244 - Fistula 1/2 Circle Cutting

Fistula Half Circle Cutting Suture Needles - Style 244