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Sonopsy™ Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles

More effective than standard aspiration needles, the Sonopsy™ Needle steps down to a 21G echogenic point. The step down cannula creates a powerful vacuum that collects and holds tissue samples in the needle tip.

Short for Thyroid and long for Liver and Pancreas, each Sonopsy™ set includes one suction syringe (18mm x 96mm), a Trocar point needle and three filter papers. Sterile and disposable.

Manufactured for Havel's® by
Hakko® Medical, Japan.



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SONOPSY, 21G X 2" (50MM)
In Stock
Call for Pricing: 1-800-638-4770

SONOPSY, 21G X 4" (100MM)
In Stock
Call for Pricing: 1-800-638-4770