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Safer more effective Peripheral Nerve Blocks are also more affordable with Havel’s market leading EchoStim® Echogenic Insulated needles. The EchoStim® has 4 rows of 4 bright reflectors near the tip to help you identify the needle under ultrasound, and most say they are priced $4 or $5 less than our competitor’s needles.

The EchoStim® 4x4 reflector pattern puts 16 reflectors in the first 5.5mm of the needle. This allows you focus on the tip, which is the most important part of the needle. Other needles have reflectors as far as 20mm up the shaft, which adds to the price and could lead to a false assumption as to the tip’s location if the actual tip is somehow obscured or out of plane. An abundance of reflectors could also cause a cloud or “halo” around the needle, which in some cases could possibly blur the target. Don’t pay for reflectors you don’t need. Instead, focus on the tip with Havel’s EchoStim®.

Havel’s is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Hakko® Medical, Japan, the manufacturer of innovative spinal and procedure needles trusted by doctors the world over. If you would like to try one of our new needles, or one of our other products, please click here or call us at 1-800-638-4770.

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EchoTuohy Echogenic Epidural Needles With Micro Laser Etching
The EchoTuohy needle features Micro Laser Etching (MLEª) near the tip to reflect sound waves back to the transducer, making the tip visible under ultrasound. MLE technology allows for a variety of sizes and the ability to pass catheters or wires through the cannula.
EchoStim® Echogenic Insulated Ultrasound Needles
Features a patented corner cube reflector (CCR) to provide multi-angled surfaces for maximum reflection even at steep angles. Needles can be used with or without Ultrasound Guidance.
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