We apologize for any potential delay in processing your order as we deal with a variety of Covid related supply chain issues. While dealing with these problems we also moved to a larger facility to better accommodate our growth, and eventually to speed up production and the processing of orders. In the short term the move has made the Covid delays more difficult to work through, and now we have staff testing positive for Covid, further impacting our ability to quickly fill orders. We are maneuvering resources to increase staff levels and clear backorders, and would appreciate your patience and understanding if you experience delays.



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Echogenic C7 Dual-Port™ Cytologic Biopsy Needle

The Echogenic C7 Dual-Port™ Needle increases suction force and cell collection and creates a bright ultrasound image. Experience fewer passes, reduced trauma and improved cytologic biopsies. For Thyroid, Breast, Lymph Nodes, and sites adjacent to the body surface. BIO2050,BIO2250,BIO20100,BIO22100

Sonopsy™ Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles

More effective than standard aspiration needles, the Sonopsy™ Needle steps down to a 21G echogenic point. The step down cannula creates a powerful vacuum that collects and holds tissue samples in the needle tip. Short for Thyroid and long for Liver and Pancreas, each Sonopsy™ set includes one suction syringe (18mm x 96mm), a Trocar point needle and three filter papers. Sterile and disposable. SON2150,SON21100

Rotex™ Screw Biopsy Needle

The Echogenic Rotex™ Screw Biopsy Needle improves sampling accuracy. The 16mm tapered screw with cutting edges rotates into tumor tissue while the outer cannula rotates counter clockwise, covering spiral screw, with the tissue sample stabilized in grooves. Complete cell clusters excised, resulting in at least 95% diagnostic accuracy. 4SCR21,6SCR21

J-Style & I-Style Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles

Choose between J-Style individual needles or trays. The J-Style needle features a diamond point for superior bone penetration, a comfort grip handle for control and sensitivity and a luer lock for secure syringe attachment. I-Style aspiration needles also available separately. 1116-8030-15,38-8030-15,38-8030-16,4-8730-11,6-8730-11,KIT4-8730-11,KIT6-8730-11